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  • 18pcs Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids

    • Durable Stainless Steel Bowl: This bowl is made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel. It is designed with a mirror-finish interior and fingerprint-proof matte-finish exterior for improved shock-proof and rust-proof performance, eliminating any issues with plastic, which can be harmful.
    • Non-Slip Silicone Bottom: Each mixing bowl has a silicone bottom to stabilize it while mixing, kneading or whipping food. Not only does this prevent the bowl from sliding, but it also makes it easier to hold.
    • 7 Sizes Available & Space Saving: This set of 7 provides a range of sizes, from 1.5 to 7 quarts, allowing you to mix, marinate, and wash easily. The stackable design helps to save space, and the set also comes with a basting brush, spreader spatula, flexible spatula, and egg whisk, making cooking simpler.
    • Air-Tight BPA-Free Lids: These BPA-free bowls come with lids that fit snugly to keep an air-tight seal, keeping food fresh and clean. Push down to ensure a secure fit, perfect for storing food!
    • Easy To Clean/Use: This bowl set is perfect for any occasion and is a great gift for bridal showers or housewarmings. The bowls are easy to clean by hand and are even dishwasher safe. Plus, they are sized to fit on standard refrigerator shelves, cabinets, or in the pantry. For best results, hand-wash the lids to minimize exposure to heat.
  • 2-Pack Pot Lid Organizer Rack – 6 Tier Holder for Cabinet Door or Wall Mount

    • 2-pack pot lid organizer with 6 tiers providing countertop, wall, cabinet door, and under sink storage for handle lids, including rounded and ear knob lids.
    • Crafted from durable metal w/ black powder coating, offering strength/resistance. Waterproof, rustproof, and corrosion-resistant. A smooth surface ensures lids are scratch-free.
    • U-shaped design securely holds lids of various sizes & prevents round lids from rolling. Smooth balls on top protect the lid surface & prevent scratches. Reasonable width provides flexibility & convenience when taking/storing lids, perfect kitchen pot lid storage solution!
    • This pot lid holder has 4 adhesive hooks, no tools are needed. 3 screws are included for rough walls, giving you two ways to install them.
    • Get a 2-piece pot lid organizer (13.7 x 5.6 x 2.7 in.), no assembly req., 4 sticky hooks, 6 hardware packs, and 24/7 awesome customer service.
  • 20 Pcs Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Set with Airtight Lids

    • Superior Value: This essential set includes 6 versatile mixing bowls – 7, 4, 3, 2, 1.5, and 1 QT – and comes with a basting brush, spreader spatula, flexible spatula, egg whisk, and 6 measuring spoons. The 4 QT bowl has a removable center, allowing you to conveniently insert one of 3 free graters to grate ingredients. All of these pieces are designed to cover the basic needs of your kitchen without costing you a lot of time and money to purchase each item individually.
    • Premium Stainless Steel: This set of mixing bowls, made of premium gauge stainless steel, is built to last a lifetime. With its attractive mirrored interior surface and brushed finish exterior, it adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen tools.
    • Nesting Design to Save Space: These nesting salad and serving bowls offer space-efficient storage, fitting on standard-size shelves, cabinets, and pantries. Perfect for modern kitchens, these mixing bowl sets will make life much easier.
    • Non-Slip Bottoms: A sleek silicone grip at the bottom ensures your metal bowls won’t slip when mixing, beating, and whipping! You won’t have to worry about high-temperature damage to your counter or table.
    • Versatile & Easy to Clean: Steel bowls are perfect for mixing, tossing salads, stirring, whipping, kneading dough, marinating, and storing. They also make a great gift for any occasion, such as a new home, Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. They are easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher, though the lids should be hand-washed to minimize exposure to heat.
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  • 360-Degree Rotating Pen Holder

    • High Quality This pen holder is made of high-quality and safe ABS material, which is very durable and does not easily damage.
    • 360° Revolving Design It has a rotating under pan at the bottom that makes it easy to take anything you need at any time.
    • Multi-Purpose – It has 7 slot compartments which can be used as an organizer to classify the items, such as stationery and other art or office supplies.
    • A Great Gift Idea – This desk pen holder makes a great gift for anyone and everyone!
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  • 4 Set Handmade Wood Bowls – Jujube Wooden Japanese Bowls with Matching Spoon for Rice, Soup, Dip, Salad, Tea

    • This 4-piece bowl and spoon set is the perfect way to elevate your home-cooked meals to restaurant-style dining. Each bowl has a diameter of 4.3 inches and stands 2.6 inches high, and each spoon measures 6.9 by 1.7 inches. Enjoy the elegance these tableware pieces will bring to your kitchen!
    • Crafted from nature jujube wood, the bowls of this set are complemented by Nanmu wood spoons. Hand-ground and finished with food-safe oil, they are sturdy and have a unique grain and color.
    • Wooden tableware offers superior thermal insulation and anti-scald performance, making it safer and more comfortable than stainless steel, glass, or plastic cups.
    • After every use, wash with soapy water and dry with a towel. To prevent cracking, do not soak or expose any wood dinnerware set. Additionally, do not put it in a dishwasher, microwave oven, or oven.
    • Bowls perfect for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s gifts. Great for condiments, dip sauce, nuts, rice, soup, salad, candy, fruits, appetizers, and snacks. Eco-friendly to complete any home decor.
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  • 4 Set Plastic Storage Bins with Bamboo Lids – Clear Container with Lid for Organizing

    • These four sets are all the same size, measuring 10.35″ x 5.9″ at the bottom and 11.2″ x 6.7″ at the top, with a height of approximately 4.5″.
    • Crafted from solid bamboo lids and shatter-resistant plastic, this piece is ideal for adding a touch of nature to your home décor. Keep your items safe and free of dust and debris.
    • These storage boxes can be used in any room of the home, making it easy to organize like a pro. Place them in drawers, cupboards, desks, bathrooms, craft rooms, and laundry rooms.
    • These bamboo lids can be stacked to use your bins, but they won’t be sealed shut.
    • These organization bins are made with food-grade PET material, so DON’T pop them in the dishwasher!
  • 5 Compartments Makeup Brush Holder Organizer – Multifunctional 360 Degree Rotating Pen Pencil Holder for Desk

    • This makeup organizer offers 360-degree rotation, allowing it to spin smoothly without getting stuck. Easily accessible from any angle, it enables you to find your cosmetics quickly, keeping your desk tidy and organized.
    • This cosmetics brush organizer offers 5 divided compartments to help you stay organized. Perfect for keeping all sizes of makeup brushes, eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, hair accessories, nail polish, nail brushes, and lipsticks, it’s the perfect desk accessory to keep your desktop tidy.
    • This makeup brush cup is fashionable & modern, compatible with any decor. Its simple design adds a serene hue & minimalist inspiration.
    • This versatile makeup brush holder can be used as a pen organizer, pencil cup, marker organizer, desk decor, kitchen utensil holder, and more. It can store and hold all sizes of office supplies, including pens/pencils, rulers, markers, clips, scissors, sticky notes, and name cards.
    • Made of durable plastic, our art supply storage organizer offers incredible durability and sturdiness. Safer than glass, reducing breakage or scratches. If unsatisfied or damaged during shipping, let us know for a replacement or refund within 90 days.
    • This makeup holder is the ideal gift for girls, kids, colleagues, friends, teachers, and anyone else in your life.
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  • 6 in 1 Ziplock Bag Organizer – Bamboo Sandwich Bag Organizer

    • This bamboo box is both beautiful and practical, combining the functions of sealed bag storage and a plastic wrap cutter. It contains four ziplock bag organizers and two foil and plastic wrap organizers, helping to keep your plastic wrap and food storage bags neat and organized.
    • Compatible with all Ziplock kitchen bags, this Bamboo storage box has 4 compartments for Gallon, Quart, Snack, and Sandwich bags. Spacing and opening bumps ensure bags don’t drop or get mixed up. Label display makes storage easy.
    • This Foil & Plastic Wrap Organizer with Cutters is compatible w/ most brands. Insert material & use the middle opening to locate the start of the roll. Pull & slide the cutting knife to make the precise cut – simple & convenient! Note: Not suitable for rolls wider than 12″ x 2.2″.
    • The Ziplock Bag Organizer is made with premium bamboo for durability and earth-friendly texture. It will last for years with no cracks or broken pieces.
  • 6 Pcs Plastic Mixing Bowls Set

    • Cooking is Much Easier: This set of colorful plastic mixing bowls is a kitchen essential. With six different sizes (5.28, 3.59, 2.22, 1.27, 0.69, 0.29 QT), it’s ideal for making salads, preparing, mixing, storing food, or serving dishes. Cooking will be easier than ever!
    • Multi-use to Meet Your Needs: Our mixing bowls are perfect for everyday use in the home and make ideal containers for sides, dressings, and sauces on the go.
    • Nesting to Save Space: Easily nestable to save countertop space, these containers can be conveniently stored in the corner of your kitchen, providing easy access to your food items.
    • Premium Material: You can use this BPA-free, high-quality plastic product with peace of mind.
    • Dishwasher Safe: These mixing bowls are dishwasher-safe, making cleanup fast and easy – a more convenient option for you and your family.
  • 64 Pcs Cake Decorating Supplies Kit

    • Complete Cake Decorating Tools: This complete set has everything you need to become a pro at decorating cakes!
    • Smooth Revolving Turntable: This turntable stand is designed to make decorating cakes for birthdays, weddings, and other events a breeze. It rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, making it useful for both right and left-handed users. To make the process smoother, it is equipped with hidden ball bearings. Use the straight spatula to apply icing to the sides of the cake while rotating the turntable, and the angled spatula for the top. The turntable is made from non-stick, non-toxic, dishwasher-safe plastic, making it ideal for both beginners and professionals.
    • Easy-to-Use Numbered Tips: You don’t have to worry about which tips will produce which decorations – we have provided a pattern chart that clearly shows what each tip will create, making tip selection easy.
    • Professionally Selected Icing Tips: Our selection of 24 tips includes 2 Round Tips, 3 Leaf Tips, 2 Petal Tips, 2 French Tips, 2 Basket Weave tips, 5 Open Star Tips, 4 Closed Star Tips, and 2 Drop Flower tips.
    • Useful Accessories: Smooth icing on the sides and top with three scrapers and carve out designs. Swap out tips without having to switch the piping bags with two couplers. Use the cleaning brush to clear any narrow areas on the tips.
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  • 7 Pcs Bamboo Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set with Holder

    • 7Pcs Set for Every Kitchen Use: Experience the full utility of these excellent bamboo wooden cooking spoons, from cooking to serving. Whatever you’re preparing, you’ll always have the right tool for the job with this dependable bamboo utensil set. It offers handy utensils for every task, from flipping and tasting a sauce, to finishing the dish and serving.
    • Premium Quality: Our 100% organic nonstick bamboo kitchen utensils set is crafted for long-lasting use. Durable and scratch-resistant, these utensils are easy to clean and won’t retain odors or stains from cooking.
    • Durable Cooking Essentials: Don’t worry about breaking or melting these long bamboo wooden spoons and spatulas, even when used in high heat — unlike silicone kitchen utensils.
    • Eco-Friendly and Nontoxic: We’re passionate about your wellbeing! Our Bamboo wooden cooking utensils are eco-friendly, non-toxic and designed to last – perfect for any health-conscious kitchen.
    • Easy to Clean and Store: This set of sleek, nonstick wooden kitchen utensils will make your cooking experience much easier. Hand wash them in warm water to keep them clean, then either hang them out to dry for a truly fresh look or store them neatly away in drawers.
  • Banneton Proofing Baskets for Sourdough Breads, Complete Set

    • Round banneton – 9 x 3.5 inches, Oval banneton – 10 x 5 x 3 inches
    • Odor-free, easy to clean, and store
    • Spiral patterns to add texture and volume to your raising dough
    • Complete Set – banneton baskets, basket linen cloth liner, metal dough scraper, plastic scraper, wooden sourdough lame, handy dough whisk, and a basket cleaning brush
  • Charcoal Torch Lighter

    • Perfect Gift Idea: This industry grade torch is the perfect gift! Sear filet mignon, ribeye’s, briskets, and sous vide steaks to perfection, start a lump charcoal in seconds, or finish off 5 Star desserts like crème brulee. It’s the ideal addition to a home BBQ accessories kit, or perfect for impressing your neighbors with a cooking show. Voted #1 cooking torch of 2022, it’s a smoking hot meat gun you won’t want to miss!
    • Great Outdoor Uses: With its compatibility with your green egg cooker, you’ll be able to enjoy roaring lump charcoal, campfires, fireplaces, and chimneys in less than a minute. This makes for the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Additionally, you can use it for glass blowing, welding, burning yard waste weeds, and of course, cooking!
    • Meat Masterpieces & More: This torch lighter is perfect for searing sous vide steaks, glazing baked hams, caramelizing ribs, roasting bell peppers, caramelizing sugars, melting cheese and finishing off that sweet dessert.
    • Adjustable Fuel Control: Control the flame to get the job done – whether it’s searing on a cast iron skillet or grilling on a BBQ, use as much or as little flame as necessary.
    • Packs a Punch: This culinary torch is compatible with any one-pound Butane map gas, Bernzomatic, or Coleman propane tank, making it small enough to fit into your RV, kitchen drawers, or even your backpack for outdoor adventures.
  • Dough Blender, Pastry and Cookie Cutter Set

    • High-quality stainless steel dough blender with 5 graduated sizes cookie cutters
    • Bake with accurate measurement. Cookie cutters are marked with “inch/cm” for accuracy.
    • Ergonomic non-slip rubber grip handles
    • Rust-free, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe
    • FREE pastry brush and bowl scraper
  • Durable Nonstick Bakeware Set

    • Durable Non-Stick Bakeware Set: This bakeware set is crafted from heavy gauge steel and designed with a rolled-rim for superior, long-lasting baking performance.
    • Premium Non-Stick: This bakeware is designed with a premium nonstick-coated surface featuring raised circles to ensure exceptional nonstick performance.
    • Easy Cleaning Color: Chocolate brown nonstick surfaces promote superior food release and make cleanup a breeze; they’re dishwasher safe, although hand-washing is recommended.
    • Versatile Baking Pans: These baking pans are oven safe up to a sizzling 450°F and come with generous, easy-to-grip handles, even when wearing bulky oven mitts.
    • Set Includes: Two 9-Inch Round Cake Pans, Two 9-Inch Square Cake Pans, 9-Inch x 5-Inch Loaf Pan, 9-Inch x 13-Inch Rectangular Cake Pan with Lid, 10-Inch x 15-Inch Cookie Pan, 14-Inch x 16-Inch Cookie Pan, 12-Cup Muffin/Cupcake Pan
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  • Expandable Desktop Bookshelf with Drawers (Black)

    • QUALITY MATERIAL: Crafted from an MDF board that is 100% non-toxic, this eco-friendly option is ideal for your environmentally conscious lifestyle.
    • UNIQUE DESIGN: The three-drawer design of this desk organizer makes it easy to maintain the tidiness of your workspace.
    • SPACE-SAVER: The three separate pieces can be adjusted to your desired angle, allowing effective use of each corner space in your workspace.
    • FLEXIBLE AND DIVERSE: Customize it to fit any size desk, whether you’re sprucing up an office, a kitchen corner, or a living room.
    • EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN: Installing this desktop organizer is a breeze with the easy-to-follow instructions in the user manual.