Springform Pans

Doesn’t leak!

After several tries I finally found a springform pan for my 6-quart pressure cooker that doesn’t leak. Very pleased with this product! The only slight problem was that my carrot cake came out a little flat where the clasp attaches the sides together. I will add a little extra frosting and it should be fine. Also, my cake slid off the glass bottom like, well, a piece of cake! Worth the extra few dollars more for something that works this well.
Mark A Howson
Denver, Colorado


I have been using these for months. Very happy with how these perform. Yes, the yellow ring did stain, but we were warned about that… no reason to get our undies in a bunch! It doesn’t affect the baking. Just don’t lift by the ring (in other words, don’t do what I did… sometimes I just can’t stop myself).
I always bake on a cookie sheet, so if your sheet has a lip, then lift the ring off the pan using a LARGE spatula; if your sheet does not have a lip, then carefully slide off the sheet onto your cooling rack.
Hartford, Connecticut

Seals well

Couldn’t review durability, just received and used the first time. But I can provide feedback. The items were packed well, came intact. The tempered glass base fit pretty tight into the silicone body, which is great. The pan seems surprisingly sturdy when it is filled. Replace my older metal springform because the pan was starting to leech a small amount of metallic flavor into my cheesecakes, a huge turnoff. Search and found these on Amazon, and you just can’t beat the price of these two for one pans. Am looking forward to years of clean tasting cheescakes!!
Angela D. Vandevoort
Sacramento, California

Great quality, safe for freezer

Great for freezer/raw desserts. I like everything about this product. It is wonderful quality. I make a raw vegan neopalitan cake for my daughters 17th birthday. Other Spring forms break when you try to open them after having been in the freezer when doing raw cakes but this one you’re able to just slide the black plastic connector piece off and take the silicone room from around the edge and the cake look perfect and ready to go. Very happy with my purchase
Atlanta, Georgia

Love them so far.

So I’ve only used these once so far for a chocolate cake, but they worked perfectly. No leaks at all. Cakes turned out beautifully. I did put them on a cookie sheet because removing them from the oven without might be difficult, so I had to add a little bit to my baking time. They were easy to clean, but we don’t have a dishwasher. I feel like that might not work as well because they are floppy when taken apart. But hand washing them was a breeze. I think they are great, would definitely recommend. If anything changes after multiple uses, I’ll update this review.
Lady Gossman
Atlanta, Georgia

Cupcake / Brownie Molds

Perfect silicone molds

The product worked for exactly what I needed. I was hosting a wine dinner and made creme brûlée here. They popped right out with no issues. 10/10 would recommend and will be buying other shapes.
Aaron Stansell
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Versatile and very easy to use and easy to clean

This delightful product was used as a mold for making vegan butter. It turned out perfectly! Easy to put into and easy to remove.
It has also been used as an individual brownie mold, you know, for those that fight over the edges!
All in all a very versatile and easy-to-use product!
Cynthia L. Fertal
Albany, New York

 Easy to use & clean

It’s easy to use!
Carolyn Andrews
Helena, Montana

A very versatile and easy to use product! 

This delightful product was used as a mold for making vegan butter. It turned out perfectly! Easy to put into and easy to remove.
It has also been used as an individual brownie mold… you know, for those that fight over the edges!
C.L. Fertal
Indianapolis, Indiana


I bought this muffin pan to make oil-free muffins. I’ve made muffins with no spray and no muffin papers, and also made mini pecan pies, all without spray or oil. This pan is great. I do put it on a cookie sheet for stability. I need to buy another one. 
Topeka, Kansas

Universal Glass Lids

It Fits!

So glad I found a universal working lid for my pots & pans, Circulon Symmetry. I have a wonderful set of pots and pans, and a few did not come with lids. This silicone lid fits perfectly for all 3, makes it VERY handy to have, and saves space. Good purchase!
Lynne Fenton
Frankfort, Kentucky
I have an 8-inch fry pan that I needed a lid for and couldn’t find after scouring different internet sites and physical stores. I came across this on Amazon and decided to give it a try. It works great, and the silicon ribs separating the different sizes can be used for giving it a nice seal so that it doesn’t slip.
Augusta, Maine
I like this lid a lot. It fits nicely on all the pans, and the silicone makes a nice seal.
Las Vegas, Nevada


The lid that I bought turned out to be better than the original one. The rubber seals kept the boiling vapor/cooking inside. Very functional, provided you get the size right.

Mohammed Imroz
Columbus, Ohio

A lid that works for me for the Creuset Balti Pot

This lid actually works for the Creuset Balti Pot. The Creuset lid listed at the bottom of the Balti Pot description did not fit; too large to fit between the handles. This lid was reasonably priced, worked great on the Balti Pot and many other pots in my kitchen. I’m sold on this product.

Jacqueline Thompson
Newark, New Jersey

Felt Drawer Organizers

Sturdier than they look!

They are nice and stiff and sturdy- no movement or moldability if that’s what you’re looking for. The color is deep and rich and I’m very happy with my purchase.
Emily Faul
Chicago, Illinois

Beautiful and well constructed

I got these to organize my drawers at work. They’re sturdy and nice and deep. They also are really vibrant inside.
Thomas S.
Portland, Maine


I ordered the 4-inch tall organizers. I use them to hold wires, cords, and other pc accessories. I just ordered the 2-inch tall ones for my smaller drawers and art supplies. The organizers are sturdy, bright colors, and the material keeps my tablets from being scratched up. Stumbled upon these and turned out to be a good buy.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Great Organizer

These dividers are perfect for any desk drawer. They are great sizes and shapes – something for everything for you to put your supplies. I love the felt, so it doesn’t scratch my new desk drawers. The color is awesome, too.
Charlotte, North Carolina

Felt Love

These desk organizers are fantastic. Well made, bright color and so useful. This set has completely organized my desk drawer, and I’ve ordered another set to do more drawers. The various container sizes are good. Very happy with the purchase and enjoy opening my desk drawer now.

NickShop Customer
Baltimore, Maryland

Reusable Cable Ties

Love! Good quality & they hold up.

These are good quality ties that can be reused over and over again. I’ve used these newly purchased ties enough to know that they’re the real thing and not some cheap imitation.

T. in Texas
Austin, Texas

Good Quality, Low Price

Product is good. I hate the Velcro wire ties because they get disgusting in places I usually have wires bunched up. Used these to string together 6+ hdmi, Ethernet and power cords, and then was able to secure them to a tiered tower. No more anxiety from the jumble of wires. Also, if they get dusty, they’re easy to clean.

Cheyenne, Wyoming

 I love these!

These twist ties fit a large range of bundles and are colorful & fun to use!
Seattle, Washington

Great buy you’ll use again and again, totally worth it

I purchased these right before moving, and it was a great investment! My husband thought they were strange and unnecessary at first. Still, when we got to the new house, and I pulled out all of the neatly wrapped and organized cords- instead of a huge jumble of electronics like usual- he admitted these ties are way more valuable than he realized. One of the movers even asked where I got them!
Tracey K.
Fargo, North Dakota

Would buy again!

Very happy with this product. Easy to use, holds cords well, and easy to remove when needed
Jennifer Hook
Providence, Rhode Island

Cotton Canvas Laundry Bags

Very sturdy, good size. Holds a week’s worth of laundry for me. The strap makes it so convenient to carry around. I’m going to buy another one for my towels and blankets.
Fargo, North Dakota

Exceeds Expectations

I figured this would be a good laundry bag that I could use to haul between rooms, but it has surpassed expectations. The canvas is thick, the dye job is really clear, and the pockets are well sewn and easy to use. Really nice laundry bag, especially if you’re going between rooms / up and down stairs / to a laundromat.
Manchester, New Hamsphire

 I must for college students or remote-working adults

I love this laundry bag! I was looking for a sturdy bag; however, able to be folded down due to my lack of space. The straps are comfortable and sturdy, making it easy to transport my clothes between laundry facilities. I highly recommend this.

Eco-chic Jasmine
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 Great laundry bags!

These are great! They are the perfect size for me as they easily hold enough for a large load, but not so much that I’m tempted to pack too much into the washer. They seem very sturdy and are surprisingly comfortable to carry over my shoulder. I will probably end up ordering a couple more of them.
Courtney Dunn
Seattle, Washington

 Love this laundry bag!

I use this as my dirty clothes bag when camping, and it is a game-changer. At the end of our trip, I have all the dirties in one place. I keep it near where I sleep in the tent, and it contains the outdoorsy (smoke, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.) contained within the bag with dirty clothes. It can fit a ton and is easy enough to carry! The yellow is great, and I love the design
Memphis, Tennessee

Silicone Shoe Covers

Excellent Quality, easy to put overshoes, flexible material

Fit over tennis shoes easily, snapped tightly, and kept feet dry. The material is very flexible(silicone, I think), so less chance of cracking. Also, comes with a storage bag.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Better than expected

I worked outdoors and purchased these shoe slipcovers to protect my shoes as well as my feet. I am very pleased, and they have exceeded my expectations.
The quality is awesome, and they work just as they are intended to. You feel very secure walking and running on typical outdoor surfaces such as concrete, stone, grass, and dirt.

Erik Hyden
Little Rock, Arkansas

Super inexpensive and functional boot and shoe covers!

These shoe covers will be wonderful for rain or snow, and I will still be able to wear my suede boots. They fit very nicely over my shoes and boots. Really a great option for rainy or snowy weather.
Wendi Kinberg
Birmingham, Alabama

Worth the money

I like the style of the shoe. It looks close to Prada shoes.
Eric c.Hopkins
Seattle, Washington

Like it

It looks pretty good. It has a waterproof bag you can carry in your bag even though they are wet.
Austin, Texas