Lids for Pans and Pots

What are universal silicone lids for pans and pots? If your internet habits are anything like mine, you’ve seen these floppy, colorful products everywhere: Instagram ads, kitchen sustainability round-ups, and shopping guides.

Silicone lids are touted to reduce waste by replacing aluminum foil for baking and plastic wrap for storage. But do they work?

The universal lid fits the most common sizes of round-shaped cookware. In addition, the universal lid of 24, 26 & 28cm has graduated size rings on the underside that enable it to serve a range of pot/pan sizes.

The universal lids for pans and pots are among the most often used cooking items that everyone needs to have in the kitchen.

This is a clever invention and one of the best purchases you can make. However, read the description carefully before purchasing it to make sure it is compatible with your cookware.

Lids for Pans and Pots

Silicone cookware universal lid for pots

A universal lid does a lot of work, so getting a durable model is essential. The best type of universal silicone lid is a durable one, with a stainless steel outer rim and tempered glass inner circle for viewing the food you’re cooking. 

This type of design is meant to last for a long time. It should be at least 12-inch in diameter to fit various lids for pans or pots. It should at least withstands temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and be dishwasher compatible for easy clean-up. It should also have a handle made of durable material and a steam vent hole.

Watch out for the handle when using this product, and keep the steam vent hole clear before and during use.

Get rid of the lids taking up space in your cabinets only to use one lid. The universal lid is the kitchen accessory you never knew you would become obsessed with.

Are there different types of lids?

Lids are designed to cover different types of cookware, from saucepans to pressure cookers. So there are a lot of different kinds of lids. Some are made of glass, and some are made of metal. You can choose what type of lid to buy and use depending on your needs and priorities. Whatever you prefer, there is an option suitable for you out there.

Any thoughts on glass lids?

They are the best type of the bunch. People like them because they let you watch the food cook. 

Although these lids can shatter, they are durable if you use them carefully. Some will even crack due to thermal shock. So be careful in putting them from hot to cold too fast.

How about metal lids?

Metal lids are some people’s choice for the best. They get hot, and you can’t see in, but they last a long time. A simple hit won’t destroy it. They sometimes warp, but they will still do the job most of the time.

These metal lids have perforations that act as splatter guards. They are great for preventing oil from getting into the air.

Are there any other types of lids worth noting?

Other metal lids are the vintage circular ones. These were commonly paired with old French Copper Cookware. It’s a circular disc with a handle on the end.

You can get them in various sizes, but one a bit larger will usually work as well.

lid on chopping board

Which is better between a universal lid or a factory lid?

The numerous pros of having a universal lid will always outweigh the only benefit of using a factory lid. Even though factory lids will always have the best fit, seeing how they were designed to fit the rim, most universal lids have a good fit for them.

You’ll only ever need a couple of them to match the lids for pans and pots. The Universal Lid is a lid that can fit most sizes of lids for pans. You need 3 or 4 of them, and they will replace most of your other lids. 

Popular Questions

Are there lids for pans used in frying?

Traditionally, there are no lids for pans used in frying. The French see frying pans as a tool to fry food. Lids are counterproductive to frying. By covering your food, you trap in moisture and steam food.

Sometimes, steam is better—for example, sunny side up eggs. The top will be undercooked if you fry the egg without a lid. The top side is gently steamed by simply covering it while the base gets fried.

Can silicone lids take the heat?

Since they’re silicone, they can go in the freezer, oven, microwave, and more.

Are universal lids easy to work with?

They are made to work with different types of cookware, so they are very convenient to work with. You may find one lid that works with several pans.

Just use them like how you would use your traditional lid. Pick one that best fits your needs and place it on your pan.

Why will sometimes glass crack randomly?

As mentioned earlier, glass lids can sometimes shatter due to thermal shock. This happens when your glass lid is placed somewhere hot and immediately transferred to somewhere cold. For example, when you’re using it to cover your pan when frying, immediately wash it under cold running water.

To avoid this from happening, place your glass lid somewhere safe so it can cool down first before washing it under cool ru

How do you measure a pan for a lid?

Pans usually range from small, medium, and large. You can find a lid in these sizes as well.

What can I use instead of a pan lid?

It is better to use a lid to do the job than anything else. Experts design lids to ensure the quality of your food comes out the best it possibly could.

In conclusion…

Once you’ve invested in a universal lid, your remaining task is figuring out what to do with your now-defunct, mismatched, and cumbersome lid collection. Take the clothes to Goodwill, so someone may finally find their match, or take them to your friends with a toddler (they make good instruments) and spend the rest of your relationship repenting. Hang them on your living room wall for an avant-garde art installation. They can go anywhere—but not in your cramped kitchen. There’s only room for the one. But luckily, it does it all.

The universal lid fits the most common sizes of round-shaped cookware. The lid has graduated size rings on the underside to fit a range of pot/pan sizes.

The universal lids for pans and pots are among the most often used cooking items that everyone needs to have in the kitchen.

This is a clever invention and one of the best purchases you can make. However, read the description carefully before you purchase it to make sure it is compatible with your cookware.

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