Decluttering 101: Effective Ways to Organize Bathroom Drawers

Bathroom Organization: Ideas to Organize Bathroom Drawers and Cabinets

Bathroom drawers and cabinets are a nightmare to organize.

The problem is that you have so many items and different spaces that there’s no good way to keep everything neat and organized.

Many people feel stuck with the clutter in their bathroom drawers and cabinets because they don’t know how else to get things under control. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Today we’re going over some small bathroom organization ideas to turn them into manageable pieces of space that will make life much easier.

Most people have one thing in their drawers.

Do you?

I bet your answer is no, but I’m going to ask anyway because the world has been lacking a reasonable investigation into what other people put in their bathroom drawers for over a century.

What do you put in your bathroom drawers?

ideas to organize bathroom


One way to create an organized bathroom is to eliminate expired and unused products. You can also check with local shelters to see if they want already-opened products.


Installing wall makeup organizers can be a great way to declutter your bathroom and free up some counter space. However, it’s important to remember that these bathroom organizers are removable, so you’ll want to be careful if you have any valuables on the countertop that could be damaged if the organizer falls off. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that the adhesive is strong enough to hold the organizer in place.

Hair products

Using a plastic tub is a great way to keep your bathroom organized and tidy. This will help you see everything you have at a glance and make it easy to find what you need. If you use a product often, keep it; if not, donate it to charity or friends.

Skincare products

There are a few different types of skin care products that you can put in your bathroom drawer. These include cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, and masks.


There are a few options for where to put towels in the bathroom. One is to keep them folded and stored in a drawer. This can save space and keep your towels looking good for longer. Another option is to hang them on a towel rack. This can be helpful if you have limited space or want to air your towels after use. Whichever way you store your towels, make sure they are easily accessible so you can grab one when you need it!

Quick and simple ways to maintain an organized bathroom

Maintaining an organized bathroom is having a schedule, planning, and keeping things in order. For example, if you want your bathroom to stay clean the whole time, a good tip is to have a designated time each week when you clean your bathroom. You can also keep things like toilet paper and garbage in an easy-to-implement system that will help to organize the space for maximum efficiency.

The best way to organize bathroom drawers is to use specific containers or drawers for particular needs. For example, you could have a drawer dedicated solely to toilet paper because it’s important not to mix things up and risk losing them. Another option would be separating items by type, like hair products, makeup brushes, etc., which will help decide what goes where.

Another organizing tip for your bathroom drawer is to use dividers explicitly designed for the drawers. They are great because they can be customized and made to fit any size of drawer, so you’ll never have a messy-looking bathroom again!

For your bathroom to be a functional and aesthetically-pleasing space, you must have everything in its place. Here are some quick and simple ways to organize your drawers:

Empty your drawers

This step is essential because it removes the clutter that can lead to an accumulation of bacteria. This step also helps prevent mold and mildew growth, which are dangerous for your health.

To organize the drawers, you should first take everything out of them before cleaning them with a disinfectant cleaner. Then check categories: loose items versus rigid items.

When you’re done with your makeup, it’s best to put expired products in the trash. The slim profile organizers make this quick and easy!

Step one to having a well-organized bathroom space is getting rid of all the clutter. The next step would be sorting your toiletries and organizing them so you can enjoy looking at everything in a neat, tidy place.

Organizational solutions are the key to looking your best. Even if you have a lot of things, there is always room for some organization. If you want to look great while keeping all products organized, this article has some helpful tips on how to do it!

Sort your toiletries

To organize bathroom drawers, start by separating items together. You can also sort into subcategories: makeup and lotion in one group or eyeshadow and blush in a different group.

When it comes to your bathroom, you may find that organizing and decluttering can be a challenge. However, using these easy steps for sorting and arranging toiletries like toilet paper in the right place will help with maintaining order:

  • Arrange items on shelves or drawers according to function
  • Keep out of sight things like perfume bottles

Purge rarely used products

Keeping your bathroom drawer organized can be challenging, but there are quick and simple ways to declutter your bathroom. One way is to purge rarely used products. This may feel like a waste of money, but if you’re never going to use an item, it’s just taking up space. Unopened cosmetics can also be donated to local shelters for those who need them more than you do.

Purge rarely-used products from your makeup drawer after a few uses. You can organize items by use, such as the morning and evening routines.

The purging process is a way to eliminate clutter from your space. To do this, you need not only an empty bin but also the right mindset and time for it. In addition, it’s crucial that when you purge, you’re doing so with purpose and without regret; otherwise, everything will end up in the trash (or worse: landfills).

ID the duplicates

Before organizing, take everything out of the drawers and sort it. Once all the items are in a loose category, try to group similar ones.

To correctly store items, identify the duplicates and put them in a lower drawer or an appropriate location. These were hair, nails, makeup, and large bottles like hairspray.

When cleaning out the old drawers, it’s best to take a quick moment before they are empty too. Then, take everything out of the drawer while wiping them with paper towels or napkins.

Measure and shop

To organize your bathroom drawers, measure the inside of the cabinet. There are three ways to store toiletries and tools: label-maker, containers, and bins. Label-makers can easily be found online or at a local office supply store. Containers can also be purchased in a container store or online. With these two methods, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing anything again!

Measure and shop is a website that helps you find what size your drawer needs. However, you must first determine the outside dimensions of your trash can, which are located on the bottom left corner of each product page.

It is essential to measure your drawer space before purchasing new products. Then, you can take the extras from other drawers and put them in a different location, like a linen closet.

Arrange your organizers


Decluttering your bathroom drawers can be a tedious task. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a drawer organizer and some containers. Adding drawer organizers will help you separate things like lotions, toiletries, and other items that might get lost in one big mess. Containers will keep all your toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other necessities together for easy access.

To organize your deep drawer organizer, start by decluttering them. Then, sort and arrange the items according to a particular task or event.

Return items to drawers

This is the part of organizing where I have no idea where to start. All-purpose cleaners can be used to clean the exterior of items, drawer organizers with separate trays or bins help keep things organized, and this is an excellent place to get started.

The bathroom counter organizer for daily makeup is a great idea but without the drawers. You can buy them separately or use an empty drawer from your dresser to keep everything in one place.

When putting things back in the drawers, start with items that are least used or have less importance. It is also essential to put these items at the bottom of your drawer so it makes more sense when you open them up and can quickly find what you need.

Don’t forget about adjustable dividers.

Bathroom drawers can be cluttered and hard to organize. However, there are many ways to create a neat and organized space in your bathroom. First, try using adjustable drawer dividers and measuring the depth of your bathroom cabinet storage before selecting divider rails that fit those measurements.

Adjustable dividers are one of the most valuable features that kitchen drawer organizers have to offer. These rails can be placed in different spots on your countertops, providing extra space for you and multi-compartmentalization.

Although durable, BPA-free plastic is easy to wash. It also has a sleek design that can be easily adjusted for different-sized pots.

What to do with your clutter?

If you’re looking for ways to declutter your life, the first step would be organizing your drawers. Clear out expired products and toss those medicines that are no longer necessary. Then, sort them into categories such as makeup, toiletries, or towels. You may also install towel bars for the bathroom to save space.

When decluttering, the first step is sorting your drawers. This includes tossing expired products and medications and organizing them into categories such as grooming and medication containers. Next come items in the drawer, which should be measured to ensure they fit a particular organizer without being too small or bulky for it to hold on its own.

Decluttering your drawers is a great way to feel accomplished and put together. It can also save you time and money by making mornings less stressful. To declutter, sort the items in your drawer according to similar categories, such as towels or toiletries, so that everything has its place for easy access.

Use cups for vertical storage

There are plenty of ways to organize and declutter your bathroom drawers, and the key is finding the best fit for each space. Examples include using pencil cups or juice glasses as vertical small bathroom storage ideas. If you cannot find something that fits well in your drawer, consider emptying candles-they’ll hold items upright without getting dirty!

You can use cups for vertical storage. This is a good idea if you have small units and don’t want to waste space on things that are not used regularly, like everyday pantry items.

Put it in a pouch

Put your clutter in a pouch and store it away from the bathroom for easy access. Grouping by use rather than product type will help you keep things clean and organized. For example, an all-purpose cleaner is best used on mirrors, windows, doors, and countertops, while wiping down the exterior of your drawers with an all-purpose cleaner will help prevent mold and mildew growth. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash/rinse can be stored in one place so that they are not scattered throughout the drawer, which means less cleaning up at night or when you’re just too tired. Nail clippers can be placed into a small container for maximum effectiveness without having them lying around everywhere!

If you are looking for a quick solution to storing your skincare routine, consider using pouches. This option is of great value if you need an organized place to store anything from your makeup bag or toiletry kit.

Divide your drawers

Divide your drawers

Decluttering is a gradual process, and it’s essential to take the time to organize your belongings. One way is by dividing your drawers into sections like clothes, makeup, and toiletries. Marie Kondo’s new collection of books for clutter lovers offers tips on how to use space in small spaces efficiently; repurpose gift boxes or plastic containers as drawer dividers, and inset bamboo or marble trays to keep things neat inside the drawer.

Divide your drawers to save on clutter. To do this, you can group items by use or by product type and store extras in an organizer like a linen closet.

Divide your drawers by using clear plastic dividers. Clear plastic is easy to identify items and will help you avoid buying something you already have in the back stock section.

Bust out the baskets

Bathroom drawers can quickly become cluttered, but it’s possible to declutter them. Open shelves are a popular trend that has made its way from kitchens to bathrooms.

Baskets, baskets everywhere! Line up beautiful woven lidded baskets on your open shelving and keep products in order. This will look super pretty when you’re done.

FAQs about bathroom organization

A bathroom can be cluttered and frustrating, with items scattered in the drawers, cabinets, and under the sink. Decluttering can help reduce stress and bring a sense of control back.

Where to stash all those little makeup tubes and unsightly skin care packaging?

Decluttering is the practice of clearing away objects that are unnecessary or no longer useful. It can simplify, organize, and reduce clutter in one’s living area. For example, to declutter your bathroom drawers, start by removing all expired makeup and skincare packaging on top of your drawers for vanity. Next, get rid of anything you don’t need anymore from your storage space. Lastly, reorganize all the items into new areas so they’re easily accessible when you need them next time.

Step one is to organize your bathroom drawers and cabinets. Step two is to outfit your drawers with bathroom organization solutions that are just right for the items you’ll be storing. Tips for organizing makeup, skincare products, hair ties, and more!

How do you organize your bathroom drawers and cabinets?

Bathroom drawers can get messy and disorganized quickly. You can prevent this by cutting up sponges to line the back or side of a drawer, using boxes for your hair tools like bobby pins and clips, and organizing your bathroom drawers.

An easy way to organize a bathroom drawer or cabinet is using bins. You can keep the lids in one place, like underneath the cabinet or inside a drawer. This prevents you from searching for them all over your home!

When organizing your bathroom, you want to ensure everything is in its place. For example, you can use bins without lids when they are not kept in drawers and cabinets. This keeps the items safe from children’s exploration and makes things easier for adults like me who struggle with keeping medicines away from kids.

You will need to make labels to organize your bathroom drawers and cabinets. You can also use a drawer organizer or an accordion file.

How do you organize deep bathroom shelves?

There are a variety of ways to organize your deep bathroom shelves. For example, you can use multi-purpose, rack, and deep bins to create an organizational system that works for you. You can also use stackable drawers to keep your bathroom neat.

How do you store towels in a bathroom closet?

Closet storage is often a problem in homes because the shelves are not designed to store bulky items. However, towels and other linens can take up a lot of space, so using the frames in a bathroom closet is an ideal solution.

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