Flexible Plastic Colored Cutting Board Mats with Food Icons – Anti-skid, BPA-Free, Non-Porous


  • This cutting board is made of BPA-free material and is 1mm thick, making it more durable than similar products on the market and designed to last.
  • The flexible kitchen mats have a grid-textured bottom that can be placed on most surfaces for extra stability and grip. For very slippery surfaces, simply place a dampened paper towel underneath for unparalleled stability, eliminating the risk of an unstable cooking board.
  • This lightweight, flexible cutting board (12″×15″) features an anti-skid design and is dishwasher safe(<90℃). Its ability to be curled to a certain angle makes it easy to store and pour chopped food directly and quickly for cooking or other uses.
  • These Color Coded Cutting Mats with Food Icons make it easy to keep your food flavors separate and avoid mixing them: Red for meat, Green for vegetables, Blue for fish, and Yellow for fruit.

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Our 1mm thick cutting boards are designed to last, surpassing the durability of their market counterparts. They are non-porous, won’t splinter, crack, or peel, and are gentle on knives and cutlery.

Our product stands out from the rest with its textured waffle-grip bottom that’ll keep it securely in place on any countertop!

Our boards are made for life in the fast lane! Forget about oiling and maintenance – just throw your board in the dishwasher for a deep, 100% safe clean. Simple, easy, and hassle-free!




Keep your food flavors pure with color-coded cutting boards! Red for meat, green for veggies, blue for fish and yellow for fruit – these boards will make sure you don’t mix up the taste when preparing meals.

Our products are designed with convenience in mind, making them easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store; the perfect choice for a loving family.

This lightweight, flexible, anti-skid cutting board (12″×15″) is easy to store and can be curled to an angle to quickly and easily pour chopped food directly into your cooking or other use.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

15 x 12 x 0.28 inches

Item Weight

1.23 pounds


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