The main advantage of silicone goods is that they are flexible and have non-stick surfaces. Silicone is also widely promoted as being inert and stable without any taste or odour. It does not cause any tainting odours or affect food quality.


Non-stick surface

Thanks to its non-stick feature and its tempered removable glass bottom, it consistently delivers beautifully round result and can be trusted with all your favorite recipes.

” amazing!”

I used these the same day I received them. I made 2 cheesecakes, temp was 325° and they worked perfectly. Love how modern they look and the colors just pop! Pictures are of the crust, filling then after they’ve been baked. Look how perfect it comes out! Love these!
– carmen 05/04/19

Great for cheesecakes

Bought these to use in my air-fryer and the first cheesecake came out great. Cleanup was easy..easier than my metal pans.

– don hibbets 02/23/19

In addition to endless varieties of cheesecakes and tarts, the pan can also be used for a wide range of savory or sweet creations.